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Where are we going?! Anywhere!

Ah, the sweet relief of restrictions being lifted! With that, we set our sights on traveling again. Moving freely amongst our fellow human, face to face. My family is celebating by heading to Europe together in the Fall. I'll be ahead of them by several weeks, spending the time alone in Sweden doing a little ancestral pilgrimage back to The Motherland.

Whether heading to Trader Joe's or Stockholm, you KNOW I'm giving deep thought to the bag. Always the bag. I mentioned recently that I missed the shoe gene many women have. For me, it's handbags.

One of the many joys of owning Considered Shop is finding and sharing bags with you all. This Spring feels like a perfect time to let them show off a little. Perhaps you'll want one of these lovelies sitting next to you in the passenger seat of the car, eagerly anticipating the trip.

You still get control of the radio.

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