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From the Danish design team at EvaSolo.  Practical and hygienic dustpan and brush set for keeping kitchen worktops nice and clean. The brush features silicone bristles, which can be used for both wet and dry, while the dustpan is designed with a sharp edge so that it’s easy to sweep up dust and dirt into the pan.


When not in use, the brush can be stored inside the dustpan to save space.

The integrated leather cord can be used for hanging up the set so it is always within easy reach.


Silicone brushes withstand being washed and retain their shape even with frequent use.  Both the dustpan and the brush can be washed by hand, wipe the wooden handle with a damp cloth.


  • Oil regularly to preserve the oak
  • Made of oiled oak, silicone, plaster and leather
  • 18cm diameter and 4cm wide



Hanging Dustpan & Brush Set | EvaSolo

SKU: 520430
$48.00 Regular Price
$43.20Sale Price
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