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This vintage set of creamer and sugar bowl from the Harker Pottery Company is in near-perfect condition.  From the 1960s, the glazing provides a beautiful and soft gloss.


  • Cream with a soft green/gray interior 
  • Sugar bowl has a lid
  • Each piece approx 4"w x 4"t
  • Very small chip on handle of creamer (see photos)


Benjamin Harker, Sr. hired a potter to teach his sons, Benjamin Harker, Jr. and George S. Harker, the trade. In the 1850’s, they were making yellowware, whiteware, as well as Rockingham inspired, brown-glazed pottery. In 1931, they moved to the plant to Chester, West Virginia, to get away from the constant flooding. 


One of Harker’s most popular lines was Cameoware, where a design was cut into the colored glaze. They were also well known for wares using the Pate Sur Pate method, which they called Royal Gadroon. It was a paste method that created a decorative white border. Other popular lines include items with the Autumn Leaf pattern inspired by Hall China and dinnerware designed by Russel Wright.

Harker Pottery | Creamer & Sugar Bowl | 1960s

SKU: 34593013
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