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Here's a delightful bowl from Hull Pottery -  the matte glazing is a soft white color and sheen.

Hull pottery was made in Crooksville, Ohio, from 1905. Addis E. Hull bought the Acme Pottery Company and started making ceramic wares. In 1917, A. E. Hull Pottery began making art pottery as well as the commercial wares. For a short time, 1921 to 1929, the firm also sold pottery imported from Europe. The dinnerwares of the 1940s (including the Little Red Riding Hood line), the high gloss artwares of the 1950s, and the matte wares of the 1940s, are all popular with collectors. Hull Pottery produced cookie jars in several styles, including a bean pot, a baby, and an apple. The firm officially closed in March 1986.

  • 1950s
  • The bottom is marked ‘Hull USA F-14.’  
  • 7-3/4” L x 6-1/4” W x 2” H

Hull Pottery | Matte White Ceramic Leaf Bowl

SKU: 38793013
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