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This beautiful glass biscuit jar is made of vertical reeded glass and decorative scrollwork at the base and top rim.  Sitting atop is a lid with sculptural three faces in satin/frosted glass.  


The piece was produced by Imperial Glass for the Metropolitan Museum of Art to commemorate the original glass work produced by Duncan Miller. The mark on the bottom is MMA.


  • 1970s
  • Excellent vintage condition, no damage
  • 10 1/4" tall with lid, 4 3/4" wide


The original Three Face (also called the “Three Sisters”) pattern was introduced by George Duncan and Sons of Pittsburgh, PA in 1878 in pressed glass. The artist was a young designer who used his wife as the model, and this piece is considered a fine example of American Neo-Classical design. That is why, beginning in 1975, new jars were reproduced for the MMA in Imperial Glass Co.’s original molds. (Imperial Glass Co. had purchased the molds from Duncan.) The composition of the glass on this reproduction differs from the original 19th century piece; but the Museum also added its own logo to the bottom of the jar and the inside of the lid so that their version would not be mis-identified as an original piece.

Imperial Glass Biscuit Jar | Metropolitan Museum Of Art | Three Faces

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