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As my husband will attest, you cannot walk 3' in our house without stumbling upon a bottle of this oil.   I mean, LOOK AT IT!  My first purchase was completely due to the packaging: stunning botanicals within the bottle.  The next many purchases were made because of the oil itself - I use it on my face, body and even hair.  Smells divine, too.  


Obsessed, I am.


A blend of aromatherapeutic oils to encourage recharging and re-calibrating energy during the time of the new moon. Experience a sense of gentle stimulation and deeply nourishing oil, perfect for setting intentions, massage, enhanced bath, or daily meditation.


  • Use: Massage a small amount into skin. Best if applied directly after showering for absorption.
  • Ingredients: sunflower oil, essential oil of bergamot, lavender, lime, helichrysum, vanilla, frankincense, orange.
  • Store away from direct sunlight.
  • Shelf life approximately 1 + year.

New Moon Meditation Oil | 4 oz. | Among the Flowers

Allow two weeks
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