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These are fantastic blankets that can be used many different ways: picnicking, tailgating, at the beach blanket, cozy bedding, a throw blanket on sofa, or as a wall hanging.  Softer and cozier than typical wool "camp" blankets.


From the Czech Republic and Poland  in the late 20th century, these blankets were stored for distribution to civilians and hospitals in the event of a disaster.  The cheerful colors were meant to lift the spirits.  


  • All wool blend
  • Approximately 60" x 84" (a twin bed blanket is 66 × 90)
  • Unissued.
  • Dry Clean Only
  • Blue & White Arrows (reversible and 2-sided solid fabric trim), Blue & White Checks (reversible and 2-sided solid fabric trim), and Orange (stitched detail edge)



European Civil Defense Blankets | Various

SKU: 26092264
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