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We've paired Formulary 55's #1 selling scent with their gold wick trimmer for a great gift idea.  Sea Salt & Lavender -- like fresh sea air, this blend combines crisp clean sea spray with the soothing essential oil of lavender.


The gold candle wick trimmer extends the burn life of your candles - it's very important to trim the wick after each burning session. These wick trimmers are our favorites to keep the wicks nice and short but also to remove the spent wick and mushroom bloom that is common with scented candles without making a mess.


  • Hand poured into reusable etched glass jars, each candle burns evenly and cleanly for over 80+ hours. 3.25" around 4" tall
  • Made in small batches of their trademark natural ingredients, Formulary 55's candles are made of the finest natural soy waxes and blended with essential oils and phthalate free perfumes to create beautiful scent combinations.
  • Made in United States of America

Sea Salt & Lavender Glass Candle & Gold Wick Trimmer

SKU: 68793013
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