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In the 1920s, Volupte began and quickly became a modern and progressive  company known for their unique compacts, jewelry and cigarette cases.  Stars such as Rita Hayworth would advertise for them.  Now highly collectible, this compact is a great example of the workmanship and whimsy of Volupte.


A bronze round base helds a silver figure of a woman playing a guitar.  A freshwater pearl is used for her face and rhInestones adorn her dress. An extra surprise are the dangling small pearl beads that move when opening/closing the compact.  See video.


  • Brass, silver, rhinestone, pearl
  • 3.75" diameter x .5"d
  • Original powder puff and screen still intact
  • Some original powder still inside


Vintage Volupte Compact | Woman with Guitar

SKU: 32908921
$130.00 Regular Price
$110.50Sale Price
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