Considered Shop: Found Luxury.


Modern and vintage home accents, handbags, clothing, bath & body, jewelry, and art.


As an interior designer of almost 25 years, I have been afforded access to unique and beautiful objects through auctions, private sales, and trade-only offerings.   In tandem with my design work - some might say "as a distraction" -  I find great joy in the discovery process.  


I am drawn to these pieces for various reasons; a uniqueness, a provenance or story, a terrific value, or perhaps just a feature that charms me.   In any case, they have all "asked" to come with me and who I am to deny them a new home?! 


When a product crosses my path that I love, you'll see it here at Considered Shop.  You'll discover my obsession with Scandinavian Modern jewelry and home decor.  Is there really any such thing as too many handbags or beautiful candlestick holders?  


Answer:  Nope.    


When I find a new special body oil, or a modern statement ring, a wrap sweater, or darling throw pillow...it's all here for our collective joy.       


It's my pleasure to share special pricing on these singular treasures, both vintage and new, with you here at Considered Shop: Found Luxury.


Yours in Hunting & Gathering -



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