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Boopie Love!

Fun to say and fun to display!

Mid-century Boopie glass bubble, a captivating fusion of two distinct design elements, epitomizes the innovative spirit of mid-20th-century aesthetics.

Boopie glass, recognized for its iconic raised bubble pattern, was a popular choice for glassware during the mid-century period. When combined with the mid-century modern fascination with bubble glass, a truly unique and eye-catching design emerged.

This marriage of styles resulted in glassware that not only featured the classic Boopie pattern but also incorporated playful bubbles, adding an extra layer of visual interest and a touch of whimsy to the elegant simplicity.

The use of Boopie glass with bubble detailing was prevalent in various pieces, ranging from drinkware to decorative items.

Today, mid-century Boopie glass bubble pieces are sought after by collectors and enthusiasts alike, as they represent a nostalgic nod to an era that celebrated creativity, innovation, and the artful integration of form and function in design.

If you enjoy bubble glass, Considered Shop has these additional offerings:

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