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Deep Edit 2023!

The writing is on the wall. Something has to give.

My love-of-all-things is your gain as I am committed to reducing inventory and gaining storage for new pieces that somehow keep coming home with me.

I like how that above statement makes me sound almost puzzled as to how my finite amount of inventory storage is at max capacity. It's all my doing but TODAY I feel inspired to gain control.

Does that mean new treasures won't be coming in the door. Puhleeze. Have we met?!

It means that I have made strategic and deep edits to my inventory and am delighted to pass long this 30% discount to my nearest and dearests. It's my way of thanking you all for your continued enthusiasm and support in my little pet project: Considered Shop.

Use promo code "EDIT30" at checkout today through Tuesday, July 5th for 30% selected items. As always, free shipping.

Here is just a sampling of some of the items in the Deep Edit category:

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