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Out with the Old...

Every year as the sun sets on December 25, I start a stealthy Grinchy sweep through the house. Perhaps it's a reaction to living in relatively small spaces but by the end of December, I am anxious to reclaim my space.

While the tree may be down, I still hold firm to wreaths and lights into the new year. I'm not a monster.

There's something magical to me about the turning of the calendar into the new year....I feel inspired and energized. I reject the idea of resolutions, per se, but goals and planning are in full gear. For that process, I need a clean slate....a literal purge and reorganization. Lucky for you, Considered Shop friend, this also means store inventory.

As I make room for new goodies coming in the door, I am offering some favorites at discounts ranging from 15% to 40%.


Help me make room and ring in 2023! Here's to a happy and healthy new year ahead to you and yours.



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