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Uno, Dos....Trays!

There's a running gag in my house about the number of trays I have displayed. It's true that I feel everything is elevated by the use of this simple decorative powerhouse. A tray can magically pull a room together, providing polish, organization, and a focal point in almost any space you choose.

So it is no surprise that Considered Shop has a wonderful collection of trays to offer.

Here are some styling ideas for trays from our friends at Colorado Staging + Design.

  • Place a small tray or plate near the kitchen sink to hold soaps, a sponge, and a small plant.

  • Look for a narrow “tank tray” to place on top of the toilet tank. Stage a pretty arrangement of bath products.

  • Place a tray on an ottoman or the foot of the bed to use as a landing spot for food/drinks or magazines.

  • A nicely sized tray on top of a dresser is perfect for arranging perfumes, jewelry, or keeping knick knacks grouped together.

  • Place a tray near the bathroom sink with pretty canisters full of cotton balls and cotton swabs. Add a small bud vase with fresh greenery or a single stem.

  • Include a tray on your nightstand to protect the surface from watermarks. This looks great with one photo frame, a small plant or vase of flowers, and a book. Keep your bedside table as clear as possible…using a tray encourages this.

  • Use a tray to hold frequently used office supplies together on your desk. Include a pencil cup, a candle, and a dish of paper clips/binder clips to make a pleasant workspace.

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