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Vintage Nordic Jewelry & Styling Tips

As anyone who knows me, or has visited Considered Shop, you'll know of my love of modernist vintage silver & bronze jewelry by renowned designers from Denmark, Finland, Norway & Sweden.

Jorma Laine. Georg Jensen. Kupittaan Kulta. Hans Hansen. You'll find pieces from these designers, as well as others, on Considered Shop site...inventory changing all the time.

Vintage Jewelry Styling

Mixing metals: In the past, proper jewelry etiquette involved never mixing silver and gold. The rules have changed recently, though. Today, you are free to mix gold, silver and other metals to create new and unique jewelry combinations. Wear many of your bracelets at a time or several smaller rings you have never mixed simply because of their material.

Be careful when combining luxury jewelry, however. Because older pieces of fine jewelry can be fragile, use caution when wearing different metals. Pure gold can easily scratch when in contact with harder metals or gems, such as diamonds, so consider the material of each piece before combining.

Incorporate different textures: Similar to experimenting with color, you can combine jewelry with different shapes and textures for intriguing styles. When combining bracelets or necklaces, use different sizes and style chains for dimensional texture. Add variety throughout your entire look by wearing earrings studded with gemstones to contrast those chain necklaces and bracelets. Stack simple rings with a larger statement piece to highlight the different qualities of your precious jewelry. The more varied your accessories, the more striking your style will appear.

Bracelets: You should almost always wear multiple bracelets, making sure to stack an odd number. If you are not familiar with wearing vintage bracelets, start with three comfortable pieces. As you will see more of in this article, your outfit has an impact on what jewelry you should and shouldn’t wear. Consider your sleeves when it comes to choosing these accessories. Longer sleeves mean avoiding bracelets, or if necessary, selecting slimmer pieces to go under your sleeve.

Rings: When wearing a ring, keep symbolism in mind. Wear wedding and engagement rings on your left ring finger, though some cultures choose the right index finger for marriage bands. For one-of-a-kind vintage rings that have no marital connection, wear them on a middle finger, thumb or your left index finger. These fingers have no symbolic meaning, and choosing the index finger can help show off your ring more.

Necklaces: The neckline of your outfit factors into choosing a necklace. Deep necklines allow for longer necklaces while something like a sweetheart neckline requires shorter pieces. If you’re ever unsure when choosing a vintage necklace to wear, a lariat — or knotted — necklace and small pendants go well with any neckline.

Earrings: The color, length and shape of your earrings influence whether or not they work with a particular look. You can wear longer and larger earrings if you have shorter hair or if your hair is styled back. According to luxury jewelry etiquette, if you choose statement vintage earrings for an evening, avoid other statement pieces. You may desire not to wear different jewelry at all depending on the occasion and your outfit, which will capture attention for your statement earrings.

Read more here from Dover Jewelry.

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