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A print of a numbered 9,254/96,713 needlepoint sampler as housed within the Fitzwilliam Museum at Cambridge University in the United Kingdom; this sampler was originally crafted c.1824 by Elizabeth Wade.


At the top there is a verse which reads ' Virtue's the chiefest beauty of the mind, /the noblest ornament of human kind; /Virtue's our safeguard and our guiding star, / that stirs up reason when our senses err'. Beneath a horizontal floral border pattern is a balanced arrangement of detached flower and bird motifs on either side of a floral spray, a vase of flowers and a panel formed by branches with two perching birds enclosing the inscription 'Elizabeth/Wade/aged thirteen yrs/1824'. 


Woollen bordered sampler embroidered with polychrome silks in cross, satin, tent and buttonhole stitch. There is a double blue line selvedge down both sides; the top and bottom are hemmed. A repeating floral border pattern surrounds the main body of the sampler.


  • Piece is framed with a small chip, bottom left corner, as photographed.
  • Measures approximately 21" x 16.5 overall.


1824 | Elizabeth Wade Needlepoint Sampler Print

SKU: 99501-1029101
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