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This lightweight hand creme contains 5% shea butter. It's perfect for anyone who wants a rich moisturizer without a heavy greasy feel.


  • Gardenia Blossom:  Our Gardenia scent blend is a traditional gardenia scent with an added touch of fresh lemon.
  • Bourbon & Vanilla:  "SMELLS FANTASTIC! I am not necessarily a lover of vanilla, but I got this as a gift and I am obsessed with the fragrance. I put on the creme on my hands right before bed and it smell great even in the morning when I wake up. Very high quality" -Leisa S.
  • La Nuit:  Our most sexy and sultry blend. Main notes are rich and comforting amber combined with myrrh, vanilla, and Egyptian musk. We add a French Lavender to the mix to balance some of the sweetness and add a fresh floral depth. Packaged with the skull design
  • Made in United States of America
  • 2.5" l x 2" h
  • Weight: 0.33 lb
  • 4 oz. tub 

Shea Butter Hand Creme | LaNuit | Gardenia Blossom | Bourbon & Vanilla

SKU: 21293013
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