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  • 10 coloured plates/notecards, lightly browned due to paper. 
  • Cards could be framed individually


(Translated from German):


Max Schwimmer is one of the most naive talents that Germany possesses from the ground up in this time, which destroys all artistic impartiality. Not naive in the sense of sensation-full inexperience or stupid instinct. Rather, he is wise enough to be not over-wise but welcoming in the decisive, in full knowledge of modern stylistics, in full knowledge of modern stylistics, in that he trusts his senses more than the intellect, is wise enough to want to be in the decisive not over-wise, but receiving, and when he has retained a natural serenity that can float freely over the demons of life. A voice speaks benevolently to this talent: appearance is not deceptive.


Language: German 

Max Schwimmer, Art Book (1946)

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