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This is a special find!  A stunning and rare pitcher was made in 1960 by the Porceleyne Fles. The decor is called Rood (red) Craquelé.  The Porceleyne Fles, having started in 1653, is the only one still in business today. They are now also known as Royal Delft.


This decoration and style are based on the Chinese style pottery designs, cream with a breathtaking red koi fish and abstract floral design. The cracking in the paint was done intentionally, hence the name Rood Craquele.


The Porceleyne Fles is a Dutch company based in Delft. It is one of 32 factories that were founded during a boom in  pottery production in Delft in the 17th century. Many of them lasted till the end of the 17th century. Some ended production in the course of the 18th century and fewer in the 19th century.


It took three firings to make it, getting the red color after the last firing by letting oxygen into the kiln at some point during the cooling. 


7.1″ tall x 2" opening x 5.5"w

Rare Pitcher or Vase | Rood (Red) Craquele Porceleyne Fles (Delft)

SKU: 9302-012-1
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