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I love this print so much - sunny and bright!  It would be a great addition in a powder room, child's nursery, or added charm in a gallery art wall compilation.


Edwards, Sydenham. The Botanical Register.  Published in London by James Ridgway, 1815-1847 Sydenham Teast Edwards was the son of a Welsh schoolmaster. He accompanied William Curtis on his botanical travels as an artist and worked with Curtis many years on the Botanical Magazine.


Following a disagreement with Curtis in 1815 he started a rival publication, The Botanical Register illustrated with detailed hand coloured copper plate engravings. The detailed Latin scientific descriptions show that Edwards was aiming his work at an international academic audience as well as plant lovers in his own country.


The principal illustrators were Edwards himself, M. Hart and Miss Drake and the engravers Sansom, Smith, S. Watts, White and G. Barclay.


  • Back of print handwritten notation "2078"
  • Framed in vintage gold painted wood frame, glass front
  • Frame 15" x 11"
  • Artwork: 6" x 9"


Vintage Botanical Print | Sydenham Edwards | Dandelion | 120

SKU: 93012-10201
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