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A mid-century modern dream!  This gorgeous three-arm pewter candelabra was made in Norway and designed by Brødrene Mylius.


Brodrene Mylius Silver is a Norwegian company established in 1833 by the brothers Christopher and Johan Mylius. The company initially started as a trading house in Oslo, Norway, dealing primarily in textiles, grain, and other commodities. However, it later expanded its operations into various industries, including shipbuilding, insurance, and finance.


Brodrene Mylius ventured into silverware production, leveraging Norway's rich tradition of craftsmanship and design. The company's silver pieces often reflected the prevailing styles and tastes of the time, ranging from traditional to more contemporary designs. Brodrene Mylius Silver became known for its quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, earning it a reputation both domestically and internationally.


One of the notable periods for Brodrene Mylius Silver was during the late 19th and early 20th centuries when Norwegian silverware experienced a surge in popularity. The company produced a wide range of silver items, including cutlery, serving utensils, decorative pieces, and tableware sets. Many of these items featured intricate designs inspired by Norwegian folklore, nature motifs, and traditional Viking symbols.


  • "Pewter B M Norway 650" attribution mark engraved at the base. 
  • Mid-Century Modern. 
  • 1960s
  • 6.75" tall x 6" wide x 6" deep.
  • Some scratches, consistent with age and use

Vintage Pewter Candleholder | Brodrene Mylius Norge Norway

SKU: 9430202-1-1
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