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What a charming addition to your life this little bird could be: as a pencil holder, a botanical planter, or a beautiful keeper of the bits-and-bobs we accumulate.


Ken Edwards was born in the USA, educated in the Arts in Kansas City, Missouri and studied his art in Japan.  You will see the Asian influences in his "Collection" series.  In the 1960's Ken Edwards migrated to the crafts village of Tonala, in Central Mexico, where he founded the company known as Ken Edwards Stoneware.  The Museo Regional de la Cerámica (Regional Ceramic Museum) inTlaquepaque, Jalisco, Mexico is located on Independencia Street in the center of the city. The museum is one of two main ceramics museums in the city, with the other being the Pantaleon Panduro Museum.  A chronology of the works of Ken Edwards can be seen there showing the progression of his craft.  


  • Excellent condition, no chips or cracks
  • 5.25"L x 3.5"W x 4"T
  • Ceramic, glazed
  • Painted blue and brown


Vintage Tonala El Palomar | Mexican Pottery Ceramic Bird

SKU: 93013-12130921
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