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I've shown you mine...let's see yours!

Currently, we are only accepting small items due to storage/warehouse constraints. No furniture or large items at this time.

Think breadbox.

More information here.

Considered's Consignment Policy:

Review / Approval: With the submission of your photos and completed form above, we will review to determine if your piece would make a great addition to our offerings.

Pricing: Considered management will price the piece based on its condition, pedigree and current retail interest. Should your piece be accepted, a contract will be provided to you listing the price we intend to sell the item. Please note this posted price is typically 50% of original retail. You would receive 50% of the final sales price.

Shipping to Considered: You will be responsible for shipping to our California offices and have responsibility to provide adequate insurance, packaging, etc. to protect the piece.

Contract Duration: Our consignment period is 60 days. Once the item has sold we send 50% of the sale price to you within 14 days of the sale. If your item does not sell within 60 days, we can discuss price reductions or returning the piece back to you, at your expense.

Contact Us: Email more information or questions to or call/text 206.914.0461.

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